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The Carnival of Acireale

The Acireale's Carnival, defined the most beautiful Carnival in Sicily, is one of the oldest on the island, and is held annually in the city of Acireale in Catania province. Among its features there is a parade of floats and decorated with flowers. The allegorical floats grotesque papier-mâché works are finely worked, which give their show through thousands of bulbs and lights, spectacular moves and sets evolving during performances. They are the only tanks in the world to use such facilities and light mechanical and hydraulic movements.

St. John the Baptist - Aci Trezza

The pantomime "U pisci a mari" is a popular tradition trezzota that dates back to 1750, the year of the wooden statue of the patron saint of Acitrezza, St. John the Baptist. This pantomime is a rite, a parody of the swordfish fishery that took place in ancient times in the Strait of Messina, where a sailor from a high antenna (the "rais") planted in the middle of a boat,