The Carnival of Acireale

The Acireale's Carnival, defined the most beautiful Carnival in Sicily, is one of the oldest on the island, and is held annually in the city of Acireale in Catania province. Among its features there is a parade of floats and decorated with flowers.
The allegorical floats grotesque papier-mâché works are finely worked, which give their show through thousands of bulbs and lights, spectacular moves and sets evolving during performances. They are the only tanks in the world to use such facilities and light mechanical and hydraulic movements.
The floats adorned with flowers have the feature, similar to that of several carnivals on the French Riviera and Liguria, to show people created entirely with flowers (real) arranged next to each other. They are also equipped with mechanical movements and lights.
The tank crews work year round to offer to the public, especially with the fall of darkness, a unique spectacle in the world.
The carnival takes place today in the wonderful scenery of the baroque old town, has its center in the magnificent Piazza Duomo. Totally free, sees the crowd actively participate in the event, which is driven by the general climate cheerful and euphoric. Twinned with the Carnival of Viareggio is also the participation of some of the costumes of the Carnival of Venice.
The program provides for the traditional parade of papier-mâché floats on Thursday, Sunday and Shrove Tuesday, while the flowered floats parade on Monday and Tuesday. For some years, however, the program is changed, the floats parade also the two Sundays before and flowered parade floats in every day. The event closes, however, on the evening of Shrove Tuesday with the awards ceremony and the traditional fireworks with which you want to burn the King Carnival.