Castello Normanno

Built of black lava stone, this Norman fortress stands atop a spur of rock high above the cobalt-blue sea, just outside Catania. Owing to its strategic importance, it has been a fortified strong post since Roman times, when this was the site of the Rocca Saturnia. It was conquered by Roger de Hauteville and his Normans in 1072 after his victory over the Arabs. Destroyed several times, it was rebuilt by King Tancredi in 1189. It is still possible to admire the original structure and the splendid pointed arches.

La casa del Nespolo

You can "enter" pages "Malavoglia" along the heart of the old Trezza, inside of which is the "House of the Medlar", the house from which the Malavoglias - Verga says - "you could hear snoring the sea" .