St. John the Baptist - Aci Trezza

The pantomime "U pisci a mari" is a popular tradition trezzota that dates back to 1750, the year of the wooden statue of the patron saint of Acitrezza, St. John the Baptist.
This pantomime is a rite, a parody of the swordfish fishery that took place in ancient times in the Strait of Messina, where a sailor from a high antenna (the "rais") planted in the middle of a boat,
spy the fish passing through the strait, in another boat launches smallest four sailors are ready to row, and when the cry of the guard announces the appearance of the fish they vogano of full force: the "rais" directs the course,
pronouncing words in dialect, so that the whale came under fire, is forked furiously with the harpoon which would be attached to one end of canape fact still on the boat.
The fish is so hurt and sinks, pulling the rope, which is long enough, but soon dies and is pulled out of reddening between the joyful cries of other boats and curious of what is the antenna that sends blessings, and that change in curses or imprecations if the shot fails.
Fishing for swordfish is, for the people the protagonist, the ongoing struggle waged with the natural elements, in order to survive in a land that has the fish like bread. Acitrezza is precisely this scene, you want to imitate, but the action that takes a comic, folk, exaggerated.